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Sunday, September 14th, 2008

I had an opportunity to travel to the town of Jasper for business.  The mountains are always great to see and and the air was great.  It was a bit cool but with the sun it was enjoyable to walk outside.  I went to a couple of restaurants (Earl’s and Fiddle River) that had great food and also a great view of the mountains.  Both are located on the second floor so one can see past the town-site.   Here is a link to the photos: I took most of these at a rest stop about ten kilometres west of Jasper.

I have a new book!  Midnight Showcase has decided to take a fantasy novel I wrote.  Castle, the Fall to Domum will be out possibly in the fall of 2009.  They have also agreed to the sequel which I haven’t quite finished yet.  The release of the books depends a lot on how much editing is required and I have to admit my editors certainly earn their keep.