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Sunday, August 10th, 2008

It’s been busy lately and we have had a great summer so far.

After our trip to Lethbridge and Calgary we had a bit of work to do around the house. We had a new patio poured in our backyard and it was stamped to look like bricks. The contractor did a great job.  We were also volunteers at the Edmonon Indy and it was exciting. Hot weather, good looking women and fast cars. I’m going back next year.

We went over to my cousin Doug’s place.  He and his wife Nicky have a nice home with a brand new kitchen.  They have a couple of kids, a boy and girl, that keeps them sitting around too long.  Well behaved, but kids always seem to have that boundless energy that wears out adults. Nicky showed me her redone garage as well.  She runs a company that organizes houses that makes into better homes.  Her garage looked a lot better than my office.  Maybe its time to do a clean up.

Midnight Showcase has accepted four short stories, paranormal genre, that will be made into a book.  Not sure what the book will be called but I hope it can be available this year.  Meanwhile Talnut will be in print this November and I need to some last minute editing and get some reviews in order. 

Time to clean up the house.  Laurie was in Calgary this weekend and the house has a lived in look she wouldn’t appreciate.