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Summer returns

Wednesday, June 11th, 2008

It has been a busy few weeks.  Summer has finally arrive here and that means hauling out lawn furniture and planting flowers.  We are also redoing our backyard so I spent a week taking out the old patio blocks and replacing them with a new style.  Then it rained so we haven’t had much time to enjoy it.  Oh well, I can drink the beer indoors just as easily.

As I mentioned before I’m bringing in some new wine and that meant updating the Kiwi Imports website.  I didn’t exactly know what I’m doing but finally managed to change the web page without destroying it.  My compliments to those who do webpage design and know what all that code means.  I copied text and thank goodness it worked out.

Dragon Boat season is starting up and my wife Laurie is the manager of the Edmonton River Rats.  I still have a bad neck and shoulder from a December accident and won’t be paddling this year but my heart is still there.   However I’m toying with the idea of writing a story about Dragon boating, maybe with a mystery around it.  I really should finish the other stories I’m working on but I think I could have fun with a story with the big boats.

Enjoy the sunshine if you have a chance, and if it rains just take your drinks inside.