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New Zealand numbers

Sunday, April 13th, 2008

I spent the month of March in New Zealand. It was a wonderful country to visit and I want to return. The only problem is the flight there and it can be a bit long. In our case and few other passengers it was a disaster because of Air Canada. Anyone who has the misfortune to use that airline will understand what we are talking about. Delayed flights, uninformed personnel and rude counter people.

But back to New Zealand and some interesting numbers. The country has over 40 million sheep, which means there is 150 sheep for every square kilometer. That doesn’t include the land used for vineyards. New Zealand has about 600 wineries,  producing a lot of wine. It works out to 43 bottles per person per year. Good thing they export most of it.

I have mention something about their highways. It turns out they don’t like shoulders on their roads and believe one way bridges are a efficient way to cross rivers. Passing lanes are few and far between as well. The country is 1600 km long and we drove 4300 km, a testament to the twisting roads. That means the driver has to really pay attention and the scenery is always changing. It’s a beautiful country. Just don’t be in a hurry to get from one town to another.

I spent a lot of time tasting many of the wines and want to mention the hospitality shown by the wineries was great. In particular Claire at Soljans was wonderful in showing us around. I will be bringing in some of the wines to the Alberta market through my agency,    

Besides the wine tasting I did write a couple of stories and have sent them off. We’ll see if the editors like the stories that was written under the influence of wine. I knew the story was done when the text became too blurry to read.