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A Winter’s Day

Sunday, February 10th, 2008

There is one advantage of cold winter day- one is encouraged to stay indoors and do some writing.  For me it’s brewing some strong coffee, turning on the stereo and sitting with my laptop.  My plan today is to add another chapter to book I working on and write a synopsis of another I’ve finished.

I find writing a synopsis difficult.  A novel may have a hundred thousand words and one is suppose to reduce that to a hundred words and still make it sound interesting.  It can be done of course, but requires thinking.  Hence the strong coffee and not scotch. 

My first book Talnut received a review from Mrs. Giggles.  If you read her reviews on any book you know she can pretty tough on any writer.  As such I feel happy to get a score of 78 from her.  I’m still pretty excited by the release of the book.  Unfortunately, I’ve been swamped with work from my wine business and didn’t put the time into promoting as much as I would have liked.   But I’m going to get busy on that soon.  Samhain Publishing invested money to get my book out there and my editor Bethany worked hard to smooth out story.  Now I have to put the effort in to make it a success.  Right after I shovel the walks of snow of course.