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Helping hand

Tuesday, January 29th, 2008

I’m a fairly new writer, and though I’ve had some material accepted and published, I’m still struggling with how to make a story different enough to catch someone’s interest.  The plot and characters are obviously important, something writers strive (or should!) to work on.  The problem is when you’re writing sometimes it’s hard be objective about your own work.  “How can anyone not like this?”  Or conversly  “What’s wrong with this?  No one will ever want to read this.”  What you really need is an editor who wants to help you find a way to be better, to get that story published.  

Often we think of publishers and editors as strictly business oriented.  Your story is accepted or rejected according to their particular needs at the time and that’s it.  That’s partly true, a publisher not making a profit is not a publisher for long.  But I have come to understand that publishers and editors are very real people and for the most part passionate about writing.  They care about very much writing and would love to spend time helping aspiring authors but just don’t have the time.  I want to mention two editors that went out of their way to help me.

One is the editor for my book Talnut.  Bethany Morgan corrected approximately two million errors in the novel and was very patient explaining why each change was necessary.  It took a lot of work on her part and I’m truly thankful for her help.  I know she works long hours and cares about literature. 

The other editor I shall call Wendy, as I’m worried she might be overwhelmed with requests by other writers.  She offered to look over some of my work, including one novel, and help make them acceptable to a publisher.  That might be her publisher or another, but she has the passion to help new writers.

Beth and Wendy are two different editors with two different publishers.  But they have one thing in common.  They care about writing and want to help others achieve.  Thank you to both.  Now I shall get back to writing the Great Canadian Novel.   

New year

Saturday, January 12th, 2008

It’s been a delay in writing a new blog.  The accident that happened back in December has taken a bit out of me and my wife Laurie needs my help doing things (she has a broken right foot and right hand).  All the same I’m excited that Talnut was launched and is available at Samhain Publishing.

I’m working on another couple of books.  One, I shall call “Castle” for now, is a medieval world with dragons and magic.  Castle has some science behind it, at least I try not to break every law of physics, as I want to explain how magic can work. The editing has been done on it and now I need to find a publisher for it.  Samhain Publishing wants to focus more on the romance genere and this is more Sci/fi – fantasy.  I shall keep you posted on the developments.

The other book I’m doing a broad outline and is going to be a multi-book series.  It will also be a medieval world but I shall push the boundaries on this one.  It will be more fantasy and with more complex interplay of characters.

I hope you had a good New Year.  We celebrated with friends though it was on the quiet side for us.  All the same it was great to be alive to see 2008 come in.  Cheers!