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Witch names

Sunday, August 11th, 2013

Writing a story line involves working with several parameters. One is obviously the plot, its pace, enough detail to present a picture without dragging out the words and finally the characters.

The characters have to fit in a mold that works within the story. A fat, grumpy man will not normally be a trapeze artist. They should also have a name that helps identify the character. Sometimes that has more a feel to it than a logical reasoning, but it is critical it doesn’t take away from the story. If the reader doesn’t believe the name suits a character, he, or she, may lose interest in the character.

I’m currently writing a medieval story that has within it a group of witches. Not the broom flying kind, but closer to Wicca (although quite a bit different than that). So I had to come with names that the witches would use, and names for the non-witches. Some characters had their name changed several times until I felt comfortable with it. So here are some of the witches names I did use; Ululla (Female), Yeelin (F), Bruhamoff (M), Elwendia (F), Ardziv (M). My non-witch characters included; King Briebeth (M), Alric (M), Thea (F), Tybalt (M), Agnes(F). I also have an important character called Terrowin, however he is actually a spirit. There are several characters that existed only for a chapter or two, so I have to continually come up with new names. This is book one out of three or four, so it may get interesting on what names I can find for the last book. I think James Bond will sound out of place for a knight in the King’s court.

I had a similar situation when I wrote my Castle series, although it had more of a science fiction element to it. I had a mix of characters from present time with some medieval ones. (I’ve attached the cover of the second book here for self serving promotion. Please forgive me.)
Anyway, if you can think of some nice medieval names, pass them on to me and I may be able to use it.
Jack H. Wear

Clearing the mind to write

Monday, October 3rd, 2011

Below is a comment a comment at my last blog. I decided I would devote this blog entry to it as it as good a topic I can come up with.

“First off I want to say wonderful blog! I had a quick question in which I’d like to ask if you don’t mind. I was interested to find out how you center yourself and clear your thoughts before writing. I’ve had difficulty clearing my mind in getting my ideas out. I do take pleasure in writing however it just seems like the first 10 to 15 minutes are generally lost just trying to figure out how to begin. Any ideas or tips? Thanks!”

A fine question indeed. I do understand about sitting in front of a keyboard and the brain refuses to come up with anything to say. My solution to that is very simple: I walk away. Perhaps that is not the answer you were looking for but for me I don’t have the time to sit pondering my next move. So if nothing comes to mind, I start to do something that needs to be done. I find that if I’m busy doing something- almost anything- I will think of something to write. Then I can return to the keyboard and at least start.  I find it impossible to clear my head (the blank expression on my face doesn’t necessarily mean I’m not thinking) before I start writing. In fact a cluttered mind seems to work quite well for me.

When I’m writing a story and get stuck where to take it next, I will sometimes jump ahead a few chapters to write. This helps me focus on what I need to work on in the earlier part of the story. At other times I’ll start editing the story at the beginning just to get a feel where I’d like to move the story to next.

I’m usually working on more than one story, maybe three at various stages of completion. So if one story is starting to stall I will switch over to another that get the creative juices flowing.

If I’m tired generally I do have trouble writing and don’t even attempt to do anything with a story. If I do, chances are I’ll delete most of it anyway. Better just to watch some TV or read a book. Or to finish that bottle of wine.

Unlike some authors, I don’t write every day. I have to be in the right mood; otherwise it‘s a wasted effort. I write for enjoyment and if I don’t feel like writing it seems silly to force it. I have read a few books where the last chapters end seem a little forced or not of the same quality of the beginning. Also I have read a series where the author seemed just plain bored but had to finish it anyway. (Okay, I’m thinking of Tad Williams and the Otherland series. Very good first book but it trailed off from there.) With that in mind the third book in my Castle series recently was released and I had worked hard to maintain the writing in each book. I hope that my readers enjoyed all three books.

Cheers and best of luck writing. Below is my contribution to fantasy literature, the Castle trilogy. The books are available through Melange Books.

The New King

Sunday, August 7th, 2011

It is with the sounding of trumpets and great fanfare that I announce the arrival of my latest novel, The New King. It is the third book of my Castle series and I was able finish a few details from the first two books (like will Jon ever get married?). That doesn’t mean there won’t be a fourth book. I created the world of Domum and it really is too good to just stop using it. However that brings up a problem I have with my writing production lately.

My writing has slowed down a tad during the past few months. The problem is the amount of time I’m spending on my liquor business. Nasty stuff like getting records in order for my accountant and using a spreadsheet to calculate new prices. On the plus side I also get to sample new wines, but that also leads to less time for writing. I have found my writing ability suffers a bit after the third glass. By the second bottle it’s gone completely.

Anyway I hope to get back on track soon as I jotted down several ideas for a new story besides another Castle book. I have a few paranormal story ideas, plus a couple of science fiction stories I would like to write. When I sit down with my trusty laptop I’ll see which one wins out.

Back to the new novel, which I hope readers will call a fantastic read (I’m ever optimistic). I had fun writing it as I had to develop a couple of battle plans, not normally something I study but it was interesting to look at battle strategies of the past. I also was able to explore the town of Vegrandis where Gilbert and other dwarfs live. I took the opportunity to show their culture and beliefs that makes them unique from the rest of the human population. Lastly I was able to crown a new king, although in fact no less than five men claimed the title of king during the story. You may be surprised who finally was able to win the title at the end (Unless you cheat and skip to the end. Shame on you.). So if you have read the first two books in the series, I’m sure you will enjoy this one. Love to hear your comments on this book and series. 

Okay, I’ll have just one glass of Pinot Noir and then get back to writing.

Book release

Wednesday, July 15th, 2009

Well it took a while, but my novel “Castle” is ready to go.  There are the last minute edits and cover design details to check, but the book should be ready to this weekend. Castle is actually a three book series, and the next one should be ready in another month or two. Currently I’m writing the third book and I hope to have done before the snow flies. The third book is a bit harder to write, I have to go back occasionally to the first two books to make sure small details are correct.

The Castle series can be considered more fantasy than science fiction in some ways, but I wanted to make everything as scientifically feasible as possible. In my last blog I talked about dragons and how I had to find a way make the dragon’s fire.  I had other situations as well, such as how magic works. I used quantum mechanics as a method to allow spells to work. I also made use of crystals as a way to make magic happen but needed them to be more than just a crystal, otherwise ordinary salt crystals would have magical properties. All in all I felt I managed to keep to science retively intact in writing the Castle series.

 I will talk more about Castle on my next blog and some of the other problems I encountered.

Until then, happy reading

JH Wear